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Post by OTAP(ADM) on Mon Feb 26, 2007 2:58 am

The maximum muzzle velocity of all weapons shall be measured in feet-per-second (fps) with the hop-up turned off, using 0.20 gram BBs. For safety reasons, the official fps limits are:

1. 350 fps Standard Indoor & CQB Velocities.
or only stock AEGs and GBB pistols
During indoor events and/or close quarter battle, the Indoor & CQB Velocity rule is to be observed at all times. No AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) or Gas Gun is allowed to fire above 350fps (fps rating for stock AEGs).

Personal safety is especially important during indoor games. Stock AEG's are considered hazardous at close distances without proper safety equipments.

2. 450 fps Standard Outdoor Velocities:
The Outdoor Velocity rule is to be observed at all times. Unless otherwise specified, no AEG is allowed to fire above 450fps.

3. 500 fps (2.3j) Sniper Weapon Velocities (when allowed only):
The Sniper Weapon Velocity (500fps) may only be used at distances over 30 feet or 10 meters. Sniper Weapons are defined as bolt action (springers), or semi-automatic. Any weapon with the ability to be switched full-auto does not constitute a sniper weapon.

Rules Of Engagement:

1. No firing of AEGs within 10 feet (3 mtrs).
The player has the option to switch to a sidearm/pistol (GBB or Springer), declare Safety kill "hit naka" or to Knife Kill the target.

2. No point blank shoots for sidearms or pistols (springer or GBBs) are allowed and must either be single or semi-auto mode only. A point blank shoot is defined for safety purposes as shoots within 3 feet.

3. The request to "Surrender" may be presented within 20 feet (6 mtrs).

4. For sniper weapons. If a player is within 30 feet (10 mtrs), you may not use this gun/velocity. A secondary gun that meets the Standard Outdoor Velocity or a sidearm must be used for any engagements under 30 feet.

Safety Kill or "Hit Na ka" Rule
You may call for a “Hit Na ka” only when all 3 of the following conditions are met:

1) You must be within the no firing 10 feet radius zone.
2) You must have an obviously clear shot at the target.
3) You must tap the target with your hands.

If the all three of the above conditions have been met, then the target becomes a Dead Man. “Safety Kill” calls should be made to ensure the safety of your opponent, not as a tactical maneuver. If you do not have the target dead to rights within 10 feet, do not yell “Hit Na ka” . Should the target turn around before “Hit Na ka” is called, the operator behind can still immediately make the call if it is obvious that the first two conditions have already been met.

An operator can call a “Safety Kill” on more than one enemy. For example, an operator creeps up behind a group of enemy troops defending a position or after watching a patrol pass by, an operator jumps out from behind catching the patrol off guard. In this case, one call eliminates all applicable targets within the operator's 10 feet radius.

Outside of 10 feet, a surrender request may still be offered as a courtesy, but is not required and may be refused. However, if you still want to engage the opponent then you must switch to your sidearm or pistol.

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