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Post by OTAP(ADM) on Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:09 am


This morning I had a chat with the AFOC PRESIDENT, Sir Joeromeo. and he stated his concern about NBIs raids of gamesites and some airsoft stores in the city. we are all aware that PNP- FESAGS and the PNP itself are very supportive with our sports. we may have to reconsider things for this matter, because we havent have the NBIs side yet as of the moment I am writing this statements. he (AFOC PRESIDENT) said sources inside the agency (NBI) confirmed of raids in various shops within the carbon area AND maybe within the city of Cebu, and we also know that the NBIs "jurisdiction" DOES NOT END IN THOSE PARTS IN THE CITY, but all of its neighboring Citys and PROVINCES.

in addition, the PRESIDENT has information that a handgun(GBB OR airsoft handgun) was being USED IN COMMITING A CRIME. it was used along with real steel handguns. A HORRIBLE NEWS FOR US, wont u agree?. IF THESE THINGS HAPPEN AGAIN WITHIN OUR CITIES? THEN WE WILL ALL GO DOWN the drain WITH THESE CRIMINALS, who are using these apparatus for their advantage and in their criminal activities. We should not let this HAPPEN.

The PRESIDENT, also have asked all the member TEAMs to be very VIGILANT with regards to these matters. and still use "CAUTION" in every ways and manner we handle our bengbengs and the restrictions that has been provided by the PNP-FESAGS regarding the transportation of our bengbengs. We should also remind all our members to be very careful and be responsible enough not to brandish their bengbengs in public. Gamesites and game schedules should be announced to the nearest police station or outpost, so that the PNP will be aware of our presence in the vacinity.

We all have connections with the NBI and the PNP, I would assume some of our TEAM members here have such connections too. So it is better for us who has the right connections to pitch in and help out.

Next week there will be a meeting with Col. Lyndon Lawas, with AFOC and he will be bringing along the NBI, they will share their time for us on our concerns.

So please be supportive with regards to these matters, we are not calling everybody to attend to this meet, but if u have time to support AFOC? your time spent will be valued.

this meeting, I think will consist of AFOC officers and airsoft shop owners within the province. this is not final yet.

I will be posting updates later on maybe a couple of days from now, IF? this meeting pushes thru...the COL. is not in Cebu as of this moment and my contact has not responded to my queries as of the moment. IF anybody of u guys have contacts within the NBI? please help out on the upcoming meeting and show ur support...

Inquiring at NBI this tx he got...
" go on lang mu wala may dakup sa mga nagduwa or sa mga airsoft owner, kadto lang nag baligya."

Posted by Lionheart at AFOC site

copied from OAC.

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