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Post by Razor on Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:23 am

JG S-system Asaeg_sirJG

I will based this short review on just one criteria that matters most to many - fps. After all, This is a Jing Gong so let us assume that it has all the quality Jing Gong is known for.

The DE s-system and the JG s-system arrived in the Philippines at about the same time. The DE has a lost reputation to recoup while the JG is still riding high on its well deserved praise and attention. Dubbed as the Tokyo Marui of ACM by some this reputation is well-founded. Some people even touted the G36c, the best selling Jong Gong to date, better than the Japanese counterpart it copied from. While this may or may not be true, you can't blame players for getting too excited about Jong Gong products - they are indeed exciting. And a case in point is the Jing Gong S-system.

The s-system I received was sold out before I have the chance to lay eyes on them. Most units were sold out even before they arrived. Almost all units were picked up immediately or sold sealed. Luckily, 2 units remains to be shipped to Baguio City as of today so I open them up and tested them.

The Jing Gong s-system's handguard cum battery compartment opens like the A&K's. It drops with one end attached to the upper handguard like a swivel and unlike the BOYI s-sytem wherein the entire lower handguard is detached.

Now the chrono - 415-420fps right out of the box and all stock, all JG and ALL ACM. This is based on my Guarder chrono and at 350 fps upwards, chronos with longer sensor distance like the F1 chrony is likely to pick up a few more fps making the Jing Gong s-system the most power ACM aeg to date. I estimate 430-450fps but let us wait for those with F1 to confirm it.

Without even opening the gearbox, this being a Jong Gong, this much I can say to the residents of the cold city of pines - Baguio City will surely get hotter by 2 degrees.
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