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Kart M58 Empty Kart M58

Post by Razor on Mon Feb 26, 2007 7:27 am

Remington Model 700/M40/M24) Mini Review

Taken from acm games

Package List
- 1 Rifle
- 1 Speed Loader
- 1 Sling
- 1 Safety Glass (You don't wanna use this!, seriously!!!)
- BBs
- User Manual
- 1 Spare Magazine

Technical Data
Length: 43.5 inches (111.5cm)
Weight (With empty magazine,no scope): 8lbs (3.64kg)

Kart M58 M5801

Kart M58 M5803

Kart M58 M5804

Kart M58 M5807-1

Kart M58 M5811

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